Second Day of Climate Change Novena

Earth Day, April 22 2017


Access a copy of the Blue Marble Photo.  You may either use the link for the Blue Marble photo of Earth on the following page, or copy the image provided with it.  Print a copy of the photo.

Hold the photo lovingly and gently in your hands.  Sit quiet for ten minutes and simply gaze upon the image.  Allow whatever arises in you to come to the surface and then let it float away like a passing cloud.

At the end of the time prayerfully read aloud the following poem by Pattiann Rogers

The Significance of Location

The cat has the chance to make the sunlight
Beautiful, to stop it and turn it immediately into black fur and motion, to take it
As shifting branch and brown feather
Into the back of the brain forever.

The cardinal has flown the sun in red
Through the oak forest to the lawn.
The finch as caught it in yellow
And taken it among the thorns. By the spider
It has been bound tightly and tied in an eight-stringed knot.

The sun has been intercepted in its one
Basic state and changed to a million varieties of green stick and tassel. It has been broken into pieces by glass rings, by mist
Over the river. Its heat
Has been given the board fence for body,
The desert rock for fact.  On winter hills
It has been laid down in white like a martyr.

This afternoon we could spread gold scarves
Clear across the field and say in truth,
‘sun you are silk.’

Imagine the sun totally isolated,
Its brightness shot in continuous streaks straight out
Into the back, never arrested,
Never once been made light.

Someone shout take note
Of how the Earth has saved the sun from oblivion.

                          Firekeeper:  New and Selected Poems (Minneapolis:  Milkweed, 1994), p.38

Pray in thanksgiving silently for a few minutes for the self-communication of God that is Earth.

Study:  Go to:  Carefully read through the material pertaining to the campaign “A Billion Acts of Green.”  Click on one, some or all of the six action suggestions for a complete explanation of each.  As you study the material, try to be in touch with where exactly you feel most drawn to act.  Pause when you finish reading through the material.  To what are you ready to commit?    How can you integrate the surrounding rationale of this action into your life so that your lifestyle becomes more Earth-friendly?

Act:  Take a second look at the Blue Marble Photo; if you wish, re-read the poem; then take your action!

Blue Marble Photo

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