Sixth Day of Climate Change Novena

Post Card Campaign, April 26, 2017


Listen to: “Love Song to the Earth” on You Tube:

Be with the sentiment: “Earth: You are no ordinary place.  You are a diamond in the Universe and Heaven’s poetry to us. “  Let yourself be moved to prayer.


Watch the following brief segment from Morning Joe featuring economist and Director of the Earth Institute, Jeffery Sachs speaking about Decarbonin ziation.

If you wish review the Executive Summary of the Report at:

Note: There is a lot less reading than appears to because of introductory comments and multiple graphics.


Send a post card to The President at:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC 20500

President Trump needs to know the reducing carbon emissions can help build the stronger economy he has promised, even if he doesn’t believe in climate change!   Send him the following post card.  You may even wish get multiple copies of the post card made and leave them in strategic places where others can pick it up and mail it to him.

Dear Mr. President:
Low Carbon policies are good not only for the planet,
but also for the economy.
Please act accordingly.
Thank You!

Your Name
Your Address

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